Preview Event In Berlin On November 19

I’m really looking forward to this upcoming event at the Adamski Gallery in Berlin.

Details and info below:

We would like to invite you for a talk with Joel Tauber and Astrid Mania at the gallery on Wednesday November 19th at 7:30 pm.

Joel will present a sneak peek of his recent works and present a preview of The Sharing Project, his latest installation that is going to be finished and presented in the gallery in Berlin in spring 2015 before traveling to LA.

The Sharing Project poses questions about whether we share enough in our capitalist world. It focuses on the seemingly simple task of Tauber teaching his young son Zeke to share. As Zeke and Joel struggle to understand what sharing means and how much they should share, experts in philosophy, evolutionary biology, psychology, history, anthropology, economics, politics, and education offer their thoughts, creating more complexity and questions. In pursuit of answers, Tauber turns to the forgotten Socialist Jewish commune of Happyville (1905-1908) in South Carolina, hoping that some of the mysteries of sharing are buried in the traces of the utopian community.

Tauber’s practice has led him through a series of rigorous personal investigations about mysticism, ethics, and the environment. These research projects are presented as installations and films that are designed to raise questions and offer cultural critiques in non-didactic ways. Tauber spent two years trying to achieve enlightenment outside the confines of organized religion by inserting himself into holes in the ground. He spent another two years researching flight as a metaphysical tool and applying that research to his own pursuit of flight, flying 150 feet into the air for an hour and a half in a bagpipe-and-balloon-powered flying machine that he had constructed. He spent the next couple of years exploring the ocean while scuba diving and translating his movements into music before he spent the following five years protecting and celebrating a forlorn and lonely sycamore tree that was stuck in a giant parking lot in Pasadena. His last project – Pumping – is a meditation on the birth of Los Angeles and how the Southern Pacific Railroad commandeered the City and exploited the oil and water resources in the region.

Joel Tauber was born in Boston in 1972. He studied at Yale University and ArtCenter College of Design. He currently lives and works in North Carolina.

Astrid Mania is an art critic based in Berlin.

Adamski / Berlin, Strausberger Platz 3 / 10243 Berlin

Author: Joel Tauber

Activist. Artist. Filmmaker. Wake Forest University Associate Professor.

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