Two stories about The Sharing Project exhibit at the Aiken County Historical Museum in the Aiken Standard

Many thanks to Larry Wood and to the Aiken Standard for the wonderful feature, front page story about The Sharing Project exhibition at the Aiken County Historical Museum, and many thanks for the excellent shorter story that ran a few days earlier as well.


Story in the Aiken Standard

Article about The Sharing Project in the Aiken Standard

Thank you Haley for writing this story about The Sharing Project. It’s been so exciting to learn about the forgotten Socialist Jewish commune of Happyville in South Carolina. And, it’s been so inspiring to explore the site with Zeke, as we hope to find some of the mysteries of sharing buried in the traces of the utopian community.

Haley Hughes, “Man To Explore Forgotten Aiken Community In Film.” Aiken Standard, ¬†28 July 2013.