The Sharing Project is a non-fiction film, philosophical journey, personal narrative, and nature film, all tied together. It begins with the story of the forgotten Socialist Jewish commune of Happyville (1905-1908) in South Carolina. Filmmaker Joel Tauber explores the land where these Utopia Seekers lived, as he ponders the meaning of sharing.

What does sharing mean, exactly? Are there different kinds of sharing? If so, what are they? Are we ethically required to share as much as the Utopia Seekers? Or, is it OK to share a bit less than them? If it is OK to share a bit less than the Idealists, how do we figure out how much we should share – or when we should share? Can we find answers within any particular philosophical framework? What about within our biological and psychological makeups? What can our pedagogical, cultural, and political institutions teach us? Do they prioritize the value of sharing? If they do, why is there so much poverty in this very rich country? Why is there so much inequity?

The Sharing Project is far from a conventional documentary. Experts from different fields appear momentarily, rupturing the film — like flashing thoughts. Talking heads are eschewed in favor of a contemplation of the land. We join Joel Tauber, and his young son, Zeke; seeking inspiration from the land and searching for the meaning of sharing.


68 minutes

1080P, 16:9, 23.976 fps, stereo or surround sound


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