“What Can The Inuit And Nuer Teach Us About Sharing?” in The Huffington Post

Check out this piece from The Sharing Project in the “Impact” section of The Huffington Post. It’s the finale of a series of 7 stories (plus an earlier intro piece) that I’ve been presenting in The Huffington Post in advance of upcoming shows at the Adamski Gallery (April 2-29) in Berlin and The University Art Museum at Cal State Long Beach (June 12-July 12).

In case you missed any of the other stories, here’s all the links in one spot:

The Sharing Project (Intro)

We Share More When We Feel Interconnected

To What Extent Are We Teaching Our Kids To Share?

How Do We Figure Out How Much To Share?

Private Property And Inequity

Campfires, Socialism, And Multi-Level Selection

Shared Resources And Expectations

What Can The Inuit And Nuer Teach Us About Sharing?

Author: Joel Tauber

Activist. Artist. Filmmaker. Wake Forest University Associate Professor.